Petaluma Businesses Ask: ‘Where’s Waldo?’
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Petaluma Businesses Ask: ‘Where’s Waldo?’

Warning: Waldo is missing again, and Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma is offering a reward for kids who find him.

The popular annual summer field game has become something of a tradition in Petaluma, with dozens of downtown businesses participating.

It’s part of a program that runs throughout Sonoma County, with each Copperfield branch running its own version of the program.

The fun begins when young participants drop by Copperfield’s to pick up a “passport.” These are sheets of paper with a Bingo-style grid of 55 shops, restaurants or services. Players simply visit a location (addresses and opening hours are on the back of the sheet) and look for a small picture of Waldo – easily recognizable by his red striped shirt and red ski cap – somewhere in the place of business.

“It will be hidden somewhere in plain sight,” the paper passport instructs. “When you spot it, go to the counter, wait politely until they are clear, and they will stamp their name on this slip.”

Once an entire row is filled with stamps, the player can return the card to Copperfield for a small reward: a “Where’s Waldo” pin.

If there are at least 25 stamps on the sheet, a raffle ticket is awarded for a chance to win a larger prize.

Once the entire sheet is filled with stamps, two additional raffle tickets will be awarded.

The game officially launched on July 1st and will run until the end of the month.

In addition to the 55 businesses listed on the sheet, there are two chances to find a “Waldo in the Wild” visible from the street — one hidden on Wester at Kentucky, and the other hidden on Petaluma’s Boulevard somewhere between Western and B Streets.

Happy hunting!