Spotlight on the winners of the EU photography and art competition
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Spotlight on the winners of the EU photography and art competition

July 5, 2024: The European Union (EU) delegation to Trinidad and Tobago recently concluded the fifth edition of the photography and art competition entitled “In Focus”. Much of the buzz surrounding this year’s competition has been the addition of a new category of images created using artificial intelligence (AI). AI images are considered images created or augmented using a series of verbal prompts and fed into an AI text-to-image generator.

Organised in partnership with partner the Trinidad and Tobago Photographers Guild and associate partner the University of Trinidad and Tobago, the competition is in line with the EU’s aim to place cultural cooperation at the heart of its relations with countries around the world.

The awards ceremony and exhibition opening took place on Wednesday 3 March at the UTT Academy of Performing Arts in Port-of-Spain.r & d July, when the winners were announced and prizes were awarded, including gift vouchers for photography and art supplies. Guests then met the artists and eagerly learned about the inspiration behind many of the wonderful photographs and works of art in the exhibition. The competition exhibition will remain open to the public at UTT APA until July 10tThe exhibition can be visited daily from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Competition topic: The center of attentionchosen for 2024, had the dual purpose of paying tribute to and drawing attention to the recently concluded Spotlight Initiative to eliminate violence against women and girls and promote gender equality. The theme was also chosen to shine a proverbial “spotlight” on other key global issues to enable reflection and dialogue through the lens of a photographer and the brush of an artist.

The competition began in April and is open for entries until mid-June. Entrants submitted their images and artwork across the competition’s sub-themes, including Nurture Nature, Diversity and Inclusivity, I Am Woman, and i-Innovate. Entries were judged by an all-female panel, based on the theme “Spotlight,” and were judged based on the quality of the work, relevance to the chosen theme, and resonance of the message.

Here is the list of winners:

Photo Amateur

Mariela Bruzual – 1st place

Catherine Sforza – 2.

Shalini Ramnarine – 3rd place

Professional photos

Nyla Singh – 1st place

Shaun Rambaran – 2nd place

Chris Anderson – 3rd Place (Winner – Best Drone Photography)

Youth Photo

Jaylon Suphal- 1.

Jayda Jireh Ramjattan – 2nd place

On Jean Thomas – 3.

Artificial intelligence

Astral Crystal Ochoa – 1.

Navin Persad-2and

Amateur Art

Nathanael Davis – 1st Place

Davi Ramkallawan – 2nd place

Bibi Aligour – 3rd place

Art professional

Deniecia Quashie – 1st place

Anika Plowden-Corentin – 2nd place

Candice Sobers – 3rd place

Art of Youth

Shivali Rambachan-1.

Liezel Parris – 2nd place

Cylah Duff – 3rd place

Art under 12

Aydan Dookie-1.

Bridgette Satyana Gopaul – 2nd Place (Winner – Best Thematic Painting)

Ivy Natalia Apoo – 3.