A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Pete Xidias
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A La Porte County Life in the Spotlight: Pete Xidias

Pete Xidias has spent most of his life in the Michigan City community. In the early 1970s, the Xidias family immigrated to Indiana from Greece, where they opened Apex Auto Care in 1983. The family has stayed committed to the community, running a shop that aims to keep employees and customers happy. Xidias is proud to have the opportunity to work as the Operations Manager at Apex and be involved in his community. He is grateful to work with and learn from his father and uncle.

Xidias attended his grade school years in Michigan City and witnessed the transition of Elston High School and Rogers High School into Michigan City High School. He was grateful to be a part of the transition both for the modern environment and for the ability to reconnect with peers and teachers from younger years. This love for his community and its members has translated into a fulfilling career in which he gets to serve community members in many ways.

“Growing up in this community gives me a unique opportunity to add a personal touch right when my customers walk in the front door,” Xidias said. “People come to me because they know I’m going to tell them the truth, whether it is good or bad. This industry is not like the food industry – when customers are coming to our doors, they are dealing with a stressor. It’s a great part of my career to be able to mitigate that stress.”

Xidias runs a community-focused auto shop. Apex prioritizes the happiness and satisfaction of customers and employees. Xidias considers employee and coworker satisfaction as a major contribution to that of the customers.

“I have been able to watch coworkers and employees grow, as well as their children as they grow from infancy to college to starting their own families,” Xidias said. “We take pride in having always fought the recessions. We’ve never laid anybody off. Our employees have families, too. They live in the same community, and they shop at the same Walmart. That has driven me away from the corporate environment and keeps me grounded. Employee satisfaction is a must in a small community like ours.”

Xidias is proud to live in Michigan City. He finds the community to be unique and full of diversity. He enjoys participating in his community, supporting local businesses, and being involved in community organizations.

“I was on the Michigan City Community Enrichment Corporation as a board member for a couple of years around 2020,” Xidias said. “It’s amazing to see the programs that happen from Meals on Wheels to Paladin, the school system, and even the Fried’s Cat Shelter. There are so many amazing organizations in this community. “It is wonderful that we can have the beachfront commerce and still have a locally focused community.”

Xidias considers himself lucky to have worked alongside his father. He credits his knowledge and success to his father and his uncle, who currently owns Apex. Outside of work, Xidias says he is a family-oriented man. He enjoys investing in the stock market to wind down and plays golf to keep active. His favorite hobby is visiting new places and trying unique foods.

Xidias finds tranquility in the satisfaction of his family and children. He loves to visit Greece and names the slow-paced, family-focused lifestyle as his favorite quality of the country. Xidias considers himself blessed to have learned from his family. He believes the secret to success is always learning more and maintaining a positive outlook.

“You always have to look at life for what it is and not what you want it to be,” said Xidias. “I’ve had 12 double-foot surgeries, but you just have to get up and walk tomorrow. It’s going to hurt, but you can’t let that dictate your day. Don’t let the negative take your 24 hours. Get up, take your step, and enjoy the sunshine.”