“Sailing” towards new achievements Mediamarkt Türkiye
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“Sailing” towards new achievements Mediamarkt Türkiye

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – MediaMarkt Sailing Group, founded in 2022, is expanding its team of athletes day by day through periodic training.

The number of members of the current MediaMarkt Turkey sailing team, which has the only sailing team among other MediaMarkt countries, has reached 19 members thanks to the trainings that started during the winter. 38 MediaMarkt employees have signed up for a new training cycle that will start in the upcoming period for the sailing group, which continues its journey without slowing down thanks to the willingness and commitment of MediaMarkt employees.

The team, currently preparing for its 66th race, has won places and prizes in numerous races so far. Some of these successes include:

  • 2nd place in sailing and sea regattas (2024)
  • Second place in the 2nd stage of the Turkish Open Water Racing Club yacht races (2024)
  • Third place in the 3rd stage of Bahçeşehir University Yacht Races (2024)
  • Marmara Sailing Club Brotherhood Cup Bosphorus Race Second Place (2024)
  • Winner of the 4th International Presidential Yacht Regatta (2023)
  • 8th International Mermaid Women’s Sailing Cup – Third Place (2023)

Taking decisive steps to strengthen its vision of sustainability, MediaMarkt Turkey has covered a total of 2,024 nautical miles in races it has participated in since the beginning of the 257 season with its sailing team. The team spent 2,024 hours at sea in 44, racing solely by wind power. If the same distance had been covered using a diesel engine, which is mandatory on the boat, instead of wind power, it would have produced 577 kg of emissions.


1 litre of diesel fuel emits about 2.68 kg of carbon dioxide. If you were to travel 22 nautical miles using a 257 horsepower diesel engine instead of wind power, you would use about 215 litres of diesel fuel. 215 litres of diesel fuel emits about 577 kg of carbon dioxide. So 577 kg of carbon dioxide would be avoided by using only wind power.