Hydrocarbon Engineering Spotlight with FS-Elliott
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Hydrocarbon Engineering Spotlight with FS-Elliott

Posted by Callum O’Reilly, Editor-in-Chief

Hydrocarbon Engineering,

Hydrocarbon engineeringThe Wall Street Journal’s Senior Editor Callum O’Reilly recently sat down with Dominic Sarachine, Product Manager at FS-Elliott, to discuss the development and design of an API 672-compliant centrifugal compressor for one of the world’s largest ethylene plants.

This topic is covered in detail in an article from FS-Elliott that appears in the August 2023 issue. Hydrocarbon engineering magazine. The article, titled “Setting up for success,” by Joseph Doerfler, Product Management Associate at FS-Elliott, details the steps taken to reduce overall costs while increasing system performance.

In this Spotlight interview, Dominic Sarachine discusses the impact that the growth in demand for ethylene production has had on turbocharger manufacturers and the challenges facing ethylene producers. He also outlines the key features and benefits of the PAP Plus compressors designed by FS-Elliott for this ethylene plant.

Watch the full interview below:

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