Insular Foundation Supports Philippine Eagle Release in Leyte
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Insular Foundation Supports Philippine Eagle Release in Leyte

The Insular Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of Insular Life (InLife), supported the groundbreaking release of the critically endangered Philippine Eagle in Leyte.

InLife President and CEO and Insular Foundation Vice Chairman Raoul Littaua said supporting the research and conservation efforts of the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) is in line with the company’s mission to provide A Lifetime for Good. He noted that InLife and the Insular Foundation are proud to support nationwide efforts to prevent the extinction of the Philippine Eagle.

“The reintroduction of Philippine eagles to Leyte is the successful culmination of research and feasibility studies that the Insular Foundation funded from 2018 to 2020. The reintroduction of Uswag and Carlito to Leyte effectively expands their habitat, thereby significantly increasing the chances of survival of the Philippine eagle for future generations,” said Littaua, who is also a PEF trustee.

Dr. Jayson Ibañez, PEF’s director of research and conservation, said bringing Philippine eagles to Leyte will help maintain the health of forest ecosystems.

“We value our partnership with Insular Life. Their long-term support helps us a lot because we can’t deliver these results in one or two years. This is a long-term project and we need long-term partners,” he said.

Last month, the Insular Foundation signed an agreement to donate 2 million pesos to the PEF for environmental conservation, reforestation and social projects to support the Philippine Eagle Translocation Project in Leyte.

The Insular Foundation began supporting the PEF in 2011 with a PHP 1 million grant for research and conservation. Additionally, the Foundation has provided PHP 3 million for research and conservation, including education and public awareness campaigns in schools and communities near Philippine eagle habitats in Samar and Leyte from 2018 to 2020. The Foundation has also supported the Toril National Breeding Sanctuary in Davao City.

The company used the eagle as its symbol when it was founded in 1910. InLife maintains an affinity with the Philippine eagle as an icon and brand identity that deeply connects with Filipino heritage. Like the national bird, InLife is a far-sighted guardian, loyal partner, and reliable protector of the Filipino people.