Paul Sherwen’s cause of death confirmed
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Paul Sherwen’s cause of death confirmed

One of the most famous voices in the world of the Tour de France, Paul Sherwendied on December 2, 2018, at his residence in Kampala, Uganda. He was 62 years old and had the distinction of having participated in and been a commentator on the iconic race.

Since 1986, Sherwen has been the Tour’s trusted voice for 33 races. Along with broadcast partner Phil Liggett, he has served as the Tour’s spokesman. For each stage of the three-week race, Liggett and Sherwen have crammed into a “hot and stuffy” broadcast booth, according to the site. The New York Timesand signal each other when the other wants to speak, so as not to speak at the same time.

While Liggett focused on the race itself and its participants, Sherwen drew on his own experience as a runner to provide insight into the deeper logistics of the competition. He was also cheeky when runners passed famous landmarks, sometimes claiming that random French kings had once slept there, even if that wasn’t true.

Sherwen retired from cycling in 1987. He won two British championships during his career and remained committed to the sport after he retired from racing. The pair became popular over the years, with major television channels regularly using them to commentate on the race. Liggett said he “just clicked” with Sherwen.

Sherwen moved to Uganda in 1999 and ran a gold mine while broadcasting regularly with Liggett. In an interview with PEZ Cycling NewsLiggett said he loved those days in that cramped cabin at the end of each leg of the race.

“There’s always a certain excitement when you’re doing a bunch sprint or a mountaintop finish. You’re on a knife edge, just like the guy watching TV.”

Katherine Love Sherwen, Paul Sherwen’s wife at the time, said her husband died of heart failure.

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