William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. Acquires Two California Companies
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William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. Acquires Two California Companies

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. (July 9, 2024) – William H. Kopke Jr. Inc. BB #:116246, a leading fresh fruit distributor, is proud to announce the acquisition of RB Sandrini Cold Storage BB #:152566 in Delano, California and Safco of America BB #:171859 in Visalia, California.

These strategic moves represent an important milestone in Kopke’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its position in the industry, with a particular focus on expanding its operational capabilities on the West Coast.

Safco of America is a leading importer, exporter and distributor of grapes, citrus and cherries, with shipments exceeding 2,500,000 cases of fruit per year. With a committed and reliable grower base, Safco will complement Kopke’s efforts to enhance the product line and reach North America.

Mike Shuklian will continue to lead Safco of America, stating, “I have known the Kopke family for years and we are excited to work together on new and existing projects. Our business is poised for growth and we see so much potential with the Kopke network.”

William Kopke of William H Kopke Jr Inc. said, “I have respected Mike for years and now I can look forward to growing the business together on the same page. Collaborating on the acquisition process felt natural and I have no doubt that working with Safco will be smooth and exciting.”

The newly acquired RB Sandrini facility will be transformed into a state-of-the-art refrigerated distribution center and renamed KDC West (Kopke Distribution Center). This investment is one of many initial steps to strengthen Kopke’s presence in the region. Through this infrastructure transformation, Kopke aims to expand its presence, increase packaging flexibility and enhance its value-added product line. In addition, Kopke will use this operation as a springboard for its grape and citrus expansion plans in California.

“We are determined to expand our position in the domestic grape and citrus market by offering our partners comprehensive solutions all year round,” said William Kopke.

The expansion of the facility will allow Kopke to better serve its customers with increased capacity and product offerings. In conjunction with this expansion, Kopke is excited to welcome Doug Rossi to the team effective January 2024.

Doug joins industry veteran Damon Francis in managing the West Coast operation. Doug brings with him 16 years of invaluable experience in table grape sales management. His experience, knowledge and leadership are expected to drive Kopke’s strategic growth initiatives.

“We are excited to have Doug Rossi join the Kopke family,” said William. “His extensive experience in the agricultural products industry and proven track record in managing table grape sales make him an ideal addition to our team as we continue to expand both overall and on the West Coast. His leadership will undoubtedly enhance our ability to serve our partners and achieve our growth goals.”

Kopke’s investment in infrastructure and best-in-class talent underscores the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency and excellence in the fruit distribution industry. These strategic moves position Kopke for continued success and growth, providing fresh, delicious and nutritious fruit distribution to customers around the world.

To learn more about Kopke’s commitment to innovation, strategic growth and the We Produce Together culture, visit their website at https://kopkefruit.com/.

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