Religious leaders join forces amid rising communal tensions
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Religious leaders join forces amid rising communal tensions

Sarva Dharma Manch Bihar promotes unity through interfaith dialogue

Clarion Team

PATNA — Amid growing communal tensions in India, religious leaders are taking proactive steps to foster understanding and harmony. One notable initiative, Sarva Dharma Manch in Bihar, led by Maulana Rizwan Ahmed Islahi, a leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind in Bihar, aims to bridge the divides between followers of different faiths.

“Hatred has intensified in society and only religious leaders can clear this confusion,” Islahi said. The platform organises a meeting of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist and Christian leaders every three months to promote tolerance and unity through awareness campaigns and mutual dialogue.

“This initiative is purely social, aimed at eradicating the evils of society and strengthening brotherhood,” says Maulana Rizwan Ahmed Islahi. Recognizing the diversity of India’s religious landscape, he emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and understanding between communities.

As communal divisions are on the rise, Islahi stressed the vital role of religious knowledge in bridging social gaps. “Sarva Dharma Manch Bihar facilitates discussions and practical initiatives to address these issues,” he said.

The platform also emphasized on studying each other’s religious texts to foster mutual respect and understanding. Events like Eid Milan and Holi Milan organized by Sarva Dharma Manch Bihar aimed to promote unity and harmony among communities.

Looking ahead, Islahi stressed the need for concerted efforts by religious scholars and community leaders to promote communal harmony. “Together, we can eliminate hatred and build a better society,” he concluded.

In Bihar, the Manch continued to organise programmes and meetings to strengthen its efforts for the betterment of society, aimed not only at benefiting Bihar but the nation as a whole.