Athlete spotlight: BuddyRow Garrer, Evans senior
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Athlete spotlight: BuddyRow Garrer, Evans senior

It’s been a busy off-season for BuddyRow Garrer.

Since he last stepped onto the field, he’s found a new team and made his choice to play college football. Now, the 5-foot-10, 170-pound wide receiver and linebacker is considered one of the top high school prospects in Georgia and is looking forward to making an impact with the Evans Knights in the 2024 season — which, by the way, is just five weeks away from starting.

As a junior at Aquinas, Garrer was one of CSRA’s most productive offensive players. In a new system with coach Barrett Davis, Garrer says he’s excited to see how he can build on his success in 2023.

This week on Athlete Spotlight, we caught up with Garrer to talk about his decision to transfer, why he chose Kent State and how he grew as a player during the offseason.

GABRIEL STOVALL: It feels like school just ended and we’re already about five weeks away from the 2024 football season. You’re in your senior year at a new school. What made you decide Evans was the place to go?

BUDDYROW GARRER: “The reason I wanted to go to Evans is because that’s where it all started for me. I went to Evans Elementary, Evans Middle, and my brother graduated from Evans (high school), so I just wanted to come home one last time with the guys I started with. Also, having Barrett Davis as a head coach makes sure guys go play in college, no matter what division. He’s a great coach and a great person.”

STOVALL: Evans lost a few pieces from last year’s team to graduation, especially on offense, but who are some of the players you’re training with this summer that you think will catch the eye this season?

GARRER: “Our running back, Brey Johnson, aka ‘Swamp Monster,’ has been working hard all summer. He’s put in a lot of work on the field and in the weight room and he’s going to be a great addition to our team! Jaden Whisby is also a great addition to our offense as a wide receiver. He’s a very fluid and fast wideout and very reliable on offense. Both of these guys deserve more attention at the college football level, regardless of division.”

STOVALL: You have one of the best offensive linemen in the country on your team. How is it playing with Mason Short?

GARRER: “Me and Mason grew up playing football together, so playing with him now is like reuniting. He’s a great, highly intelligent player. His leadership on the field really motivates everyone to be great.”

STOVALL: Based on what you’ve seen, and without giving too many secrets away, how do you think coach Barrett Davis will utilize your offensive skills? What do you think you’ll bring to the table for Evans that might be different than last year?

GARRER: “Coach Davis and Coach (Alan) Troutman do a great job of getting the ball to our quarterbacks. I know for a fact that if you work hard on and off the field, they’ll find a way to use you on the field. I can’t wait to see how our offense develops this year.”

STOVALL: You recently committed to Kent State. What made you decide Kent State was the school for you and how strongly are you sticking to that commitment until signing day?

GARRER: “What got me involved with Kent State was the head coach, Coach (Kenni) Burns. If you know Coach Burns, you know how much success he’s had in the past. What he’s put together for Kent State is a really good plan. Kent State was the youngest team in college football last year. This year, they have a chance to improve and have a better season than last year. I plan on staying involved through Signing Day, but that’s not what I want. That’s what God has planned for me, so I’m excited to see how this journey goes for me.”

STOVALL: In what ways have you become a better player from last year to now, and what have you done differently in the offseason to make those improvements?

GARRER: “What makes me a better player this year is that I’m focusing more on my body off the court. That’s what every athlete needs. No athlete can perform without taking proper care of their body. I’m really good at stretching my body regularly and working on my plyometrics. I’ll also say that I’m working out more in the gym, getting bigger and stronger this season. With these improvements, I can’t wait to see how this final season goes.”