19 Jul, 2024
Southside Spotlight: Veronica Orosco
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Southside Spotlight: Veronica Orosco

Editor’s Note: This story was published via Cooperation between KSAT and Live from the Southsidea new company owned by local and latina women magazine that works to improve and expand community relationships through the promotion of events, stories and companies.

Veronica Orosco, a proud graduate of Highlands High School, hails from the southeast side of San Antonio. Her commitment to her community is reflected in her role as a dedicated mother of three children, each of whom is pursuing their own path in education and beyond. With over two decades in corporate roles ranging from accounting to management, she currently excels as a Senior Instructional Designer while also pursuing freelance work in her area of ​​expertise. Although initially pursuing an academic path in accounting, Veronica discovered that her true passion lies in empowering others through career-focused training.

In addition to her professional and family roles, Veronica is a driving force in community development. Her journey began when she joined the Monte Viejo HOA Board where she saw an opportunity to amplify the community’s voice and aspirations. Inspired by local voices and needs, Veronica initiated a series of impactful events to enrich neighborhood life. Her initiatives, such as the Community Wellness Saturday Markets with partners like River City Produce and The Produce Lady Jamie Gonzalez, and the holiday-themed Holiday Markets, have become essential in promoting health, wellness, and community unity.

Veronica founded Monte Viejo Event Services to increase her impact on the community. She leverages local partnerships and sponsorships to sustain and grow these initiatives. Her efforts have enriched local life and changed the perception of HOAs, demonstrating their potential to positively engage the community.

Orosco’s resilience and determination shine through the challenges of raising funds and volunteers who are essential to sustaining these community-driven initiatives. Her approach, which combines grassroots community engagement with strategic partnerships, ensures that events meet local needs and aspirations.

Beyond her professional and community endeavors, Veronica remains an active voice for change and empowerment. She encourages others to take action by emphasizing the transformative power of community engagement. Her journey is a testament to the impact of perseverance and community spirit in cultivating vibrant, inclusive neighborhoods.

Her story exemplifies how passion, perseverance and community involvement can lead to lasting positive change, making her a valued leader and advocate in Southeast San Antonio.

Volunteer opportunities are available for those interested in supporting or attending Veronica’s community events; connect with her on social media. For more information about events, contact [email protected] or visit the Monte Viejo Community Events website.

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