Achievement comes with many distractions, stay focused Football administrators call on Nkechi Obi
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Achievement comes with many distractions, stay focused Football administrators call on Nkechi Obi

The call for the development of women’s football is a global phenomenon that requires immediate cooperation from all interested parties.

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FIFA has spearheaded this initiative by developing the FIFA Women’s Football Strategy, working with confederations and member associations, clubs, media, fans and other stakeholders to address and overcome these challenges.

The NWFL is taking targeted action in line with FIFA’s ‘Growth of Women’s Football’ initiative.

If we are to achieve our global goals, stakeholders from grassroots to professional level must agree that the need to increase team participation and raise awareness of women’s football should not be undermined or antagonised by agents and distractions.

To be fair, some positive effects have been brought about by the actions of the NWFL Chairman and Board, who have contributed to the development of the sport and brought it closer to everyone.

The development and popularization of women’s football among all is taking place throughout the country in a systematic and steady manner. Currently, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of teams and players, a positive attitude and awareness of the existence of women’s football from the highest league NWFL to the amateur level.

We at grassroots and professional levels are delighted not only to see the growth of the NWFL at the highest level (Premiership) and Division 2 (Championship) but also the revolutionary concept of a state league which will enable grassroots teams to continue to thrive.

This is evidence that should be applauded as state and divisional unions, local football boards and some women’s football club associations are now preparing to direct their resources and commitment to the development of women’s football.

This effort will create a space for talent discovery, create an appropriate development path, empower women and increase economic development through sport, as well as increase the business and commercial value of women’s sport.

In this context, we appeal to stakeholders at all levels to continue to make positive contributions and avoid distraction agents who seek influence and cheap popularity based on personal, selfish motives.

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