Flagship Group leads successful community clean-up in Norwich : Housing Digital
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Flagship Group leads successful community clean-up in Norwich : Housing Digital

Lisa Bielby and Mark Palmer, neighbourhood officers from Flagship Services, Joe McNeill, neighbourhood services manager, and Tracey Drake, head of BITC (Norwich), pose by the containers

In late June, Flagship Group’s Neighbourhood Services team joined residents from the Cadge Road and Earlham Grove areas of Norwich for a community clean-up event at St Elizabeth’s Church.

The team secured two containers, which allowed residents to get rid of old furniture, household appliances and other large household waste.

This service was offered free of charge to encourage maximum participation and support a cleaner, greener community.

The event was organised by Business in the Community (BITC) and Flagship, with support from Age UK Norwich, whose volunteers collected litter from nearby streets.

One resident praised the initiative, saying: “It’s brilliant. There are loads of people who need to get rid of stuff and this means they can do it when they can’t get to landfill or anything.”

Word had clearly spread far and wide, with the event being widely shared through word of mouth and local social media groups. Within an hour and a half, both bins were almost completely filled.

Joe McNeill, neighbourhood operations manager at Flagship, said: “The response has been really positive. This is the second time we’ve done this in the last few months, organising skips so residents can get rid of hard-to-remove rubbish.

“It’s a project that’s open to the whole local community, not just the Flagship tenants, because it’s about neighborhood pride and building community. We’re really happy that people have been able to take advantage of it.”

Flagship Services electric van parked, ready to be loaded with any surplus

Tracey Drake, Site Director (Norwich) at BITC, said: “It’s really important to be able to provide a service that people have told us is useful and definitely needed in this area and the response we’ve had really shows how vital this service is.

“The idea of ​​BITC is to bring people and businesses together to change lives and help communities thrive. We are grateful to Flagship and Age UK for helping us achieve this.”

A similar community event was held in January, where around forty residents were able to take advantage of the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. The success of that event inspired this one and shows the need for more in the future.

Main photo: Lisa Bielby and Mark Palmer, Neighbourhood Officers LR Flagship Services, Neighbourhood Services Manager Joe McNeill and Tracey Drake, Head of Place (Norwich) BITC, pose by the containers. Source: Flagship Group

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