Canal Run encourages youth to get moving with new race day programme
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Canal Run encourages youth to get moving with new race day programme

For nearly five decades, the Canal Run has encouraged people of all ages to complete a run along the Portage Canal. This year, the event plans to introduce a new option specifically for local students that will involve the school district, the Copper Country School Challenge. UPHS Portage Community Health Coordinator Angela Luskin says they have introduced a two-mile youth run for children over the years. However, the new event opportunity will look similar to the cross-country runs that students participate in in the fall.

New this year is the Copper Country School Team Challenge. And we’re excited about it. The Canal Run, as we say, has five distances and nine races. So there’s a race for everyone. And it’s so important to support our local youth and encourage them to get moving and active. And that’s what we do with the school challenge. So all the schools in Copper Country have a team in the Canal Run database. They can sign up for that team. We have a cross-country scoring for the challenge for the school with the fastest time in all the events. So anyone can sign up for that event for the two-mile and the school with the lowest score will win the team challenge. So just something cool that we can bring to our community. – Angela Luskin, Community Health Coordinator, UPHS Portage

The Copper Country School Challenge encourages students of all grades to participate in the Canal Run. Each school district can form teams of up to ten students in any distance. The top seven athletes will be counted toward the challenge score, similar to cross-country running. Canal Run registration also includes a kids’ race for area youth. Those interested in learning more about the July 20 Canal Run, presented by UPHS Portage, can find more details at Details about the Copper Country School Team Challenge are below.

Looking for a great event to attend this summer? Consider the 2024 event Canal Start! INWith 5 distances and 9 events, there’s a race for everyone. Choose from the following races: Half Marathon, Wheelchair Half Marathon, Bob Olson 10 Mile Start5 miles Start5 mil blade Start10 mile walk, 5 mile walk, 2 mile fun Start/Walk and Kids Dash. For more details or to register, click here. We are also looking for volunteers for the event, check out the list of volunteer positions.

The Land of Copper School Challenge – We are introducing a challenge for the entire school for 2024 Canal Start!

  • A maximum of 10 athletes (male or female) from each school may participate in scoring for each distance (i.e. 2-mile, 5-mile, 10-mile, and half marathon).
  • The finishing position among school athletes is equal to the number of points they scored.
  • The top 7 athletes from each school are considered for each distance. If necessary, the numbers 8, 9 and 10 are used to break a tie.
  • The points each school earns in each distance are added together to create a total score.
  • The school with the lowest number of points wins the title

To enter the School Team Challenge, simply select your school district from the team list that will be pre-populated during registration OR, if you have already registered, update your information. StartSign up. We’ll announce the winning school once the scoring is complete with the help of our friends at Superior Timing!

We’d love to see you at the finish line!