Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Grants Fund Multiple Habitat Projects Across the U.S.
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Bass Fishing Hall of Fame Grants Fund Multiple Habitat Projects Across the U.S.

Fishing goes beyond just a sport; it embodies a commitment to nurturing, protecting, and enhancing our natural resources. This philosophy is the foundation of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame (BFHOF), an organization dedicated to not only honoring the history of angling, but also ensuring its sustainable future.

The BFHOF’s recent efforts exemplify this commitment, particularly through a grant program designed to support grassroots conservation projects in diverse fishing communities. In partnership with local clubs, lake organizations, and resource managers, these grants inject vital resources into initiatives that enhance fish habitat and overall environmental health.

One such recipient, the Bloomington Normal Bass Club and Friends of Everbloom, recently received a grant to improve Lake Bloomington and Evergreen Lake in Illinois. Their projects, including shoreline protection, planting vegetation and creating fish habitat, promise to improve the waters for the benefit of all anglers.

The impact of BFHOF grants extends far beyond Illinois. In New Mexico, the Canadian River Bass Club is innovatively using driftwood to improve fish habitat in Lake Cochiti. Meanwhile, in Kansas, initiatives like the Leavenworth Bass Club’s native aquatic plant greenhouse in Banner Creek Reservoir are demonstrating proactive conservation efforts.

Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and Ontario are also beneficiaries, each implementing unique projects ranging from habitat improvement campaigns to establishing seagrass colonies and branch piles in various bodies of water.

Gene Gilliland, chairman of the BFHOF’s conservation committee, emphasized the collaborative spirit that drives these efforts. “Our grants not only provide financial support, but also empower local anglers and conservationists to spearhead meaningful projects,” Gilliland said. From underwater structures to release trailers, these initiatives leverage community engagement to create lasting impact.

Looking to the future, the BFHOF continues to support these endeavors, having awarded over $140,000 for fishery improvement projects in recent years. Their upcoming annual induction dinner, to be held at the Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium, highlights their commitment to celebrating and promoting the heritage and future of bass fishing.

For more information on how you can support these conservation efforts or attend the induction dinner, visit Together we can preserve and enhance the sport of bass fishing for generations to come.

Hanggi himself

Hanggi himself

Sam Hanggi spent four years competing on the Auburn University Bass Fishing Team and earned his Pre-Law degree. He has fished competitively all over the country and will continue to fish competitively out of Wired2fish. Sam’s favorite technique is throwing a large swimbait in the shallows. Some of his favorite waters include Saginaw Bay, the St. Lawrence River, Clarks Hill, and the James River. He has had numerous top 10 and top 5 finishes throughout his college career and loves sharing his knowledge and passion for fishing with others.