Royal Mail’s new Nuneaton post office is in a ‘bad location’, angering residents
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Royal Mail’s new Nuneaton post office is in a ‘bad location’, angering residents

Royal Mail’s new Nuneaton office is in a ‘bad location’, angry residents say, with the old office in Justice Walk closed and all operations moving to a new hub in Hazell Way off Bermuda Road.

That includes an office where people could go to pick up packages they missed. Its new location angered some residents.

Royal Mail said customers would not be affected by the change in location of the service, but some residents said it was not accessible to those using public transport.

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One resident, who did not want to be named, contacted CoventryLive and said: “Royal Mail’s statement said there was ‘no impact on customers’ when there is – the elderly, those without transport and others who would struggle to receive their mail. Why not put these items in a city centre post office?”

Another said it wasn’t just about the location, but also about the public’s access to the new hub. “It’s a bad place for the elderly because the buses only run every hour,” said a resident. “But there’s nowhere to park if you’ve come by car because the parking is graded by the staff.”

CoventryLive contacted Royal Mail and a spokesperson said the customer had “a number of options”. They said if the item cannot be delivered if the householder is not home, it can be left in a designated safe place with a neighbour or it will be scheduled for automatic re-delivery the next working day.

The spokesman added that you can arrange for a free re-delivery to your address, free delivery to another address within your postcode or free delivery to your local post office.