St. Paul lights up at the Water Lantern Festival
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St. Paul lights up at the Water Lantern Festival

Have you ever wanted to experience a real Disney lantern moment? Tangled? Now’s your chance. Attend the Water Lantern Festival in St. Paul on July 27 and experience your own fairytale moment.

Held at Phalen Beach House in Phalen Park, people can enjoy food trucks and music from 6pm to 10pm. From 8pm, you can design your own lantern. Then from 8:30pm to 10pm, watch as everyone releases their lanterns into the water and enjoy the glowing view.

The Water Lantern Festival is more than just a pretty sight. Participants are encouraged to write something meaningful on their lantern, such as a goal they have or a burden they want to leave behind. No matter what part of yourself you choose to release, the festival is meant to be a peaceful and healing experience.

The event is organized by One World Lantern Festival LLC. Since 2018, their team has hosted the festival in cities across the United States, according to the event’s website. If you can’t make it in July, One World is hosting an event at Town Green Park in Maple Grove on September 28. Dates for Rochester and St. Cloud will be announced soon.

One World is also committed to making the Water Lantern Festival sustainable. According to the event’s website, the lanterns are cleaned up after the festival ends, and staff also pick up trash around the water. The lanterns themselves are made from rice paper and wood, making them more environmentally friendly. LED candles are also reused and recycled when possible.

If you’re ready to buy tickets, take advantage of the early bird price of $34.99 through July 14. The regular price of $39.99 runs through July 19, and the late price of $45.99 runs through July 26. On the day of the event, you can purchase tickets for $55.99 each. Tickets come with a floating lantern kit and an LED candle.