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“We have the same personalities” : KMovie : KDramaStars

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Ju Ji Hoon paid tribute to the late Lee Sun Kyun during a press conference promoting his upcoming film “Project Silence.”

One of the most anticipated films of July. It presents the story of people who want to survive being drawn into a military experiment.

Viewers will be treated to breathtaking action scenes including collapsed bridges, helicopter crashes, a 100-car pileup and numerous attacks by experimental military dogs.

In addition to the disastrous event, “Project Silence” also featured one of veteran actor Lee Sun Kyun’s two posthumous projects, completed before his death.

In an interview with local media, Ju Ji Hoon spoke about his experiences filming the film, including his professional collaboration with the late actor.

Ju Ji Hoon Talks About His Closeness With Lee Sun Kyun

Describing Lee Sun Kyun as a “good colleague and senior actor,” Ju Ji Hoon said that working with him is “always valuable.”

Additionally, he also said that he “has happy memories”, especially from filming “Project Silence”.

“Lee Sun Kyun and I have similar personalities and tastes,” he said, adding that each actor has his own acting style and preferences.

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Recalling their friendship both on and off set, Ju Ji Hoon suggests that he and the senior actor get along great on set.

“Some people spend time alone after filming and relaxing, but we weren’t the type of people who stayed in our rooms during or after filming. Two or three of us would meet up, drink and talk a lot. We are people who don’t divide work and non-work time well. We don’t have proper meetings with laptops, but we eat, drink and talk about the project every day, without fail.

The actor also added that it would be nice if viewers could see the similarities between them in the upcoming film.

Ju Ji Hoon continued his praise for Lee Sun Kyun and mentioned that despite their similarities, there are also things that set him apart from his co-star.

“Sun Kyun is more detailed than me. I’m the type who thinks it’s okay to take some dramatic liberties with the editing, but Sun Kyun is the type who thinks, ‘If that’s the case, then there’s no point.’

The “Kingdom” star also mentioned that she learned a lot just by watching Lee Sun Kyun work. In the upcoming film, Lee Sun Kyun plays the role of Jung Won, a security bureau administrator who was on his way to the airport to see off his daughter when the bridge collapsed.

Ju Ji Hoon, meanwhile, plays the role of a hippie-looking tow truck driver named Jo Bak.

Kim Hee Won has joined the cast of “Project Silence” as senior researcher Dr. Yang.

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In the meantime, fans can check out the upcoming film, which hits theaters on July 12.

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