Youth lax tournament returns | News, Sports, Jobs
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Youth lax tournament returns | News, Sports, Jobs

Youth lax tournament returns | News, Sports, Jobs

2026-27 Powell X teammate Lukas Miemis of Saranac Lake prepares to throw the ball during a game at North Elba Athletic Fields in Lake Placid on July 8. (Reporting photo by Parker O’Brien)

LAKE PLACID — It’s lacrosse time.

The Lake Placid Summit Youth Classic is an annual three-day lacrosse tournament from July 8-10 at the North Elba Show Grounds. The event originally began in 2016.

The tournament featured boys lacrosse teams ages 8 to 16 competing in five different divisions. There were 36 teams in total this year, down from last year, according to event director Kevin Leveille.

“We usually aim for around 42, so a few teams have pulled out at the last minute.” he said. “We changed the dates a little bit so they wouldn’t clash directly with the horse show and we wouldn’t be outside the Fourth of July window. So we lost a few people when we changed the dates, but we gained a few new bands back.”

In previous years, the tournament attracted around 60 teams, but since the coronavirus pandemic, the number of teams has decreased. After 2021, the organization decided to keep the attendance smaller in order to be more organized and controllable. The last two tournaments have featured exactly 42 teams.

“You get a formula where there are the right number of people here and the right number of people for the city.” Leveille said. “The more often we can establish this, iterate on it and develop a formula, the better.”

This year, there were teams that came from as far away as Houston, Texas. There were also a few local teams. A handful of Saranac Lake lacrosse players — and Saranac Lake Placid lacrosse players — competed on the Powell X team. That team is coached by National Lacrosse Hall of Famer Casey Powell, who runs his camps across the country.

“They needed some players, so they added some local players to their group” Leveille said. “We have the NoCo Ripperz, a local team that’s here. It’s nice to have the local community come together, especially as the sport grows here.”

Powell X lost to the Stars and Stripes 6-5 on Monday.

“The city’s level is rising” Leveille said. “They fit in here without any problems. When we started 10 years ago, the level of play was different, but now they have hope that they will prove themselves and they are doing well.”

Following the conclusion of the LPSYC tournament, Summit Lacrosse will host the 35th Lake Placid Summit Classic, July 29-August 4.

The Summit Classic features two tournaments per week. The first is a school tournament for youth, high school and college students, and the second is an adult tournament for players ages 65 and older.

Earlier this year, the Summit Lacrosse Society held tournaments in Albany, Saratoga, Denver and California.

“It’s one of our favorite tournaments, we participate in it, we do a lot, but this one is just amazing, it’s a family event” said Leveille, whose 10-year-old son is playing in the tournament for the second year in a row.