Rankings Spotlight: How David Sanders Compares to Former No. 1 OL
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Rankings Spotlight: How David Sanders Compares to Former No. 1 OL

Rankings Spotlight: How David Sanders Compares to Former No. 1 OL
David Sanders Jr.

state of ohio, Tennessee, Georgia Or Nebraska will earn commitment from Rivals250, No. 2 overall David Sanders Jr. August 17 Sanders, the best offensive line player in the league 2025 Rivals250is an elite talent at the position. Only three offensive linemen have finished the cycle ranked No. 2 overall, and Sanders could be fourth.

There have been a few outstanding offensive line prospects over the past five years. How does Sanders compare? Check out this ranking of the last five best offensive linemen.

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1. JC LATHAM (2021)

Latham finished 3rd in Rivals 2021250 and signed with Alabamawhere he played in every game his freshman year and started every game for the next two years. He was selected by the Tennessee Titans with the seventh pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

It’s easy to say we got it right. Latham was a huge prospect coming out of high school and continued to develop physically when he arrived at Alabama. He left high school at 6-foot-6 and 310 pounds, but arrived at the NFL Combine weighing 342 pounds, with arms longer than 35 inches and 11-inch hands.

Latham’s enormous size combined with his physical and technical skills at the high school level made him an easy choice to be the No. 1 offensive lineman that year.



Proctor’s career started off a bit unevenly, but it ended with him making the SEC All-Freshman team. The 6-foot-8, 335-pound Proctor ballooned to 360 pounds upon arriving in Tuscaloosa and started every game of his freshman year at left quarterback, a rare feat for the Crimson Tide.

Despite moving back and forth Iowa Proctor remains one of the top offensive line prospects in college football this offseason and is still considered a potential first-round draft pick.



Sanders is an athletic specimen at left tackle. The five-star prospect and second-best prospect in the Rivals250 rankings has a sub-five-second 40-yard dash time, is 6-foot-6, weighs about 280 pounds, has an arm span of over 81 inches and arms that are about 36 inches long. That’s a rare physicality, and his film is elite, too.

Sanders is an excellent pass blocker at this stage of his development, showing off a strong shot and excellent lateral agility. He has a very mature understanding of pass rushing techniques, so he is ready for almost anything the defensive ends throw at him.

As a run blocker, Sanders quickly engages his target and pushes him away with ease.

It’s also worth noting that Sanders played most of last season with a torn rotator cuff, yet he didn’t miss a single game.



In a 2022 offensive line class that was considered to be rather weak, Campbell finished first in the group.

Campbell played in seven games as a freshman but didn’t have much of an impact until last season, when he started every game. He’s gotten better every year and will be a key part of the team’s Texas offensive line this season.

If Campbell continues to develop this technique, he will likely be considered a potential first-round draft pick.



There were only two five-star offensive linemen on the team. Rivals 2024250 and Seaton took first place among them.

The Washington, D.C. native finished his high school career at IMG Academy and improved significantly throughout his time there. Seaton shed many of the bad pounds he carried around for most of his high school career and got even stronger.

Standing at 6’1″ and weighing 280 pounds, Seaton surprised the college football world by committing to and signing a contract with Colorado and head coach Deion Sanders. Tennessee, Ohio State and Maryland all were involved in the recruitment process at a late stage.

Seaton is in good shape to enter this season as a rookie with the Buffs and judging by the practice clips posted on social media, he is already turning heads.

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