19 Jul, 2024
Spectrum service disruptions have forced companies to find workarounds
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Spectrum service disruptions have forced companies to find workarounds

SAINT ANTONIO – After Beryl caused internet outages in San Antonio on Tuesday, local businesses had to find workarounds to stay operational and receive payments.

Spectrum confirmed Tuesday that a “third-party infrastructure issue” caused by the storm was the cause of the outages in Texas. The Down Detector website showed an increase in reported outages Tuesday, but the number had dropped to near-normal levels by Wednesday.

Pets First Veterinary Center had no option to close when its internet and VoIP phones went down Tuesday. As an animal hospital, it had to stay open.

Office manager Jen Hernandez said their team was able to reroute phone lines to cell phones. However, veterinarians were unable to update animal records in their online system, and the facility had to postpone taking payments because it also couldn’t process credit cards without the internet.

“We said, ‘OK, we’ll respect the system, we’ll deal with it tomorrow,’” Hernandez said.

Sapore’s Pizza owner Giuseppe Buiano didn’t have that option. Pizza is a pay-up-front business, and Buiano has had to watch some cashless customers leave when they learn their debit and credit cards don’t work.

“I didn’t count, but a lot of customers left,” Buiano said.

Eventually, he found a workaround: Customers could still use their cards to pay for takeout orders by going through the pizzeria’s website on their mobile phones.

When KSAT visited Wednesday, both companies had their internet and phone services working again. But Hernandez was surprised at how easily modern business methods can break down.

“It’s kind of cool that I come from that generation — to know what it’s like without that. So I understand how it works, but it’s a little scary to me and I’ve actually lost a little sleep over it,” Hernandez said. “Not in this business; I know we’re protected. But if it were to happen on a larger scale, we’d be in big trouble.”

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