Prime Minister Modi awarded Russia’s highest distinction
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Prime Minister Modi awarded Russia’s highest distinction

Prime Minister Narendra Modi receiving Russia’s highest civilian honour was described as a moment of immense pride and satisfaction for 140 crore Indians by the BJP on Wednesday. The party praised Modi’s leadership in strengthening India’s ties with both the US and Russia.

BJP spokesperson and MP Sudhanshu Trivedi, addressing a press conference, noted that no other country enjoys the unique position of being considered a strategic ally by the US and at the same time considered a traditional partner by Russia. “This occasion shows that India has achieved a level of political coordination on global affairs where it can promote harmony in the face of global conflicts,” he said.

Trivedi also criticised the opposition for casting a negative light on Modi’s foreign policy successes. He asked why the Congress party had not passed a resolution on various international conflicts, while pointing out that Modi receiving the Order of St Andrew the Apostle from Russian President Vladimir Putin also underlines India’s growing global influence.

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